logo-containterTool that allows management of virtual courses, facilitating
the teachers themanagement and development of courses

Virtual education Moodle

MOODLE, Educación virtual.

Moodle is a free distribution course management system, which helps educators create online learning communities. This type of technology platforms is also known as LMS (Learning Management System).


Moodle Services Offered in InterServicios

1Installation and setting up moodle.
3Creating Instructional Design.
6Creating and editing video courses.
2Design and Adaptation of moodle's graphic template.
4Knowledge management platform.
5Technical support, maintenance and updating of the Platform.



Additionally get:

bulletTraining staff to use the system.

bulletIntegration to other systems *

bulletTechnical support.

bulletPreventive Maintenance.

* Sujeto a previa verificación y cotización

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